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Discover the chef's recipes from her book "La cuisine nature" published by Solar. 


A super easy recipe that suits everyone, without fat, and it's a change from chard gratins! Oh, happiness!

For 4 people 

Preparation 15 to 20 mins




1 bunch of colored chard

1⁄2 bunch cilantro  

1 small chilli

1 lime

100g coconut air

50g cashew nuts

1 pinch of salt 


With a small knife, separate the ribs of the chard from their leaves. Save the leaves for another recipe (a soup, for example). 

Wash the chard ribs and coriander well. Cut the ribs into sections of about 0.5 cm. Cut the chilli in half, remove the seeds and chop it. Squeeze the lime. 

Season the chard with the minced pepper, lemon juice, coconut milk, coarsely chopped coriander and a little salt. 

Mix everything together and arrange nicely in a slightly hollow plate. Finish with a handful of coarsely chopped cashews.

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It is the simplest recipe in the world and with the twist of citron: mamma mia. And a little love! All this makes you very pleasant, it seems! 

For 4 people 

Preparation 15  




1 good bunch of carrots

1 beautiful citron 

1  olive oil case

1/2 lime (optional)

100g coconut air

Salt and pepper from the mill


Wash and peel three quarters of the carrots. Then, we grate them with a mandolin very finely. Wash the citron and cut it into fine julienne strips with a knife. 

We pass the rest of the carrot through the centrifuge to obtain a nice juice. If you're lazy, you can buy ready-made organic carrot juice! 

Then wash the cilantro. Then collect the stems that you thinly slice. You can keep the leaves for the end of the recipe or for another preparation! Then mix the grated carrots, stalks
cilantro and julienned citron.

You mount the carrot juice like a mayonnaise with the olive oil and a pinch of salt. You can season all the carrots with this sauce or just drizzle it over. Ah yes, I forgot: If you have a lime, a few drops at the very end and you're good to go! 


This is one of my favorite salads for the summer. Perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to grilled fish. It's a concentrate of the season! 

For 4 people 

Preparation 20 mins

Cook 5 or 6 minutes




800g green beans

3 or 4 nice white peaches

Juice of 1/2 lemon (optional)

60g olive oil (6cl)

1/2 bunch of spring onions

1 handful of whole almonds

1 sprig of basil

Salt, black pepper


We just remove the hard little end of the beans and leave the comma. Cook them in salted boiling water for about 5 minutes. They must be well cooked, without mashed either! We drain them. 

We cut our peaches into very small pieces and we take the trimmings (the skins) which we mix in a small blender. If necessary, add a whole peach to make a little
of volume. When it is well mixed, season with a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice if the peaches are very sweet. If they are a little bland, we do not put it. Add olive oil and toss a little.

Peel and finely chop the spring onions. Crush the almonds and break the basil with your fingers. 

We mix the cooked and drained green beans with our peach juice, then put them on a pretty plate. On top, place the peach quarters, basil and almonds. We finish with a good freshly ground black pepper and voila! 

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Concombres et cerises en salade.png


It is the simplest recipe in the world and with the twist of citron: mamma mia. And a little love! All this makes you very pleasant, it seems! 

For 4 people 

Preparation 15  




2 cucumbers not too big

1 good handful of cherries

Lemon juice (optional)

1 small bunch of basil

(or mint)

Sweet olive oil, salt, pepper


You wash the cucumbers and cut one lengthwise into quarters. You remove the pips and you cut it into pieces of about 1 cm. You are now going to finely mix the second cucumber with the seeds of the first to bring out all the juice. You can do it with an extractor or a centrifuge if you have... 

You pit and cut the cherries in half. 

You whip the cucumber juice with olive oil to make it like a vinaigrette, you can add a dash of lemon juice if you like it acidic. 

Mix the cucumbers with the cherries and tear the basil with your fingertips over the salad. Season with our cucumber juice and eat it fresh! 

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Really easy, it's a great recipe for pimping oysters. Rather than making jams, I like to use these green tomatoes as a condiment, and even in pickles. 

For 4 people 

Preparation 15 to 20min




12 oysters of your choice

1 small green tomato

1 piece of ginger

(Very) good quality olive oil

Ground pepper


For this recipe, we obviously start by opening the oysters, unless you have had it done by your fishmonger. I like to use the flat shells on top to wedge the hollow ones on the dish, otherwise you can also stabilize them with coarse salt. Care must be taken to open the shells so that there are no small pieces left inside. 

Then you wash the tomato, then you cut it into quarters, and you cut the ginger into small sticks... 

On each oyster, place a small piece of green tomato and a little ginger, then season with a good dash of olive oil and a turn of the pepper mill. 

That's it, it's ready! 

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